Who I Am

My name is Mandy Albrecht, and I am a lawyer, engineer, and professor with deep ties to the construction industry.

My exposure to construction began in college, where I earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering and an M.S. in Construction Management from Washington University in St. Louis, while also interning for several years for a general contractor. After graduation I worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, first as a geotechnical engineer and later as a project engineer. A move to the private sector brought me to the Cincinnati area in 2005 to work for a local general contractor/developer. There I was responsible for project management, estimating, scheduling, subcontracting, and job cost reporting, and worked with a variety of subcontractors, architects, engineers, and project owners.

When the commercial construction sector slowed in the recent recession, I returned to school to earn a law degree from the University of Cincinnati. I am now licensed as both a professional engineer and an attorney in Ohio. During and after law school, I worked in the construction practice group of a large Cincinnati firm, Frost Brown Todd, where I handled construction matters exclusively.

During that time, I also began teaching an evening course about construction management at the University of Cincinnati. Later, when a full-time position became available in the Construction Management Program, I jumped at the chance! I am now an Assistant Professor Educator in UC’s Construction Management Program. I teach courses on estimating, scheduling, safety, and more, and I advise several student groups. The teaching position allows me the flexibility to maintain a part-time law practice, Albrecht Law LLC.

Throughout my career I have experienced the pressures faced by contractors, and the shortcuts and risk-taking that often result. I have also witnessed the consequences for contractors who take unnecessary risks or are simply unlucky enough to get sucked into legal disputes. My desire, through Albrecht Law LLC, is to help contractors eliminate unnecessary risk and place themselves in a strong negotiating position should disputes arise.